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Cyndy Violette, a Top Female Poker Champion, is a contradiction in the Poker World. One of the few female poker players to break into the big time, Cyndy is quite unlike the stereotypical poker player that comes into most people's mind when they think of the tough, hard nosed ,"No Limit Hold'em" players of the game. She's knows that "Women in Poker" are sometimes referred to as
"Poker Babes", and that there will always be some male players that wish
the "girls" would "just go away" -- but she doesn't care. Poker is her life,
and she "Loves Poker and Loves Life." She may come across as a "bubbly
little blondie with the big smile and twinkling eyes" - but she can hold her
own with the crustiest, shiftiest, and most hardcore of professional poker players. She is a seasoned pro who has been playing poker for most of
her life. Cyndy is one of the few women poker players that was in it long
before it became fashionable to do so. She grew up playing cards and
has split time between Atlantic City and Las Vegas for many years.
She is a bonafide "World Series of Poker"champion bracelet winner,
and she did it before the game became "all the rage" the world over.

One of Poker's more experienced players - and among the most
Avant-Garde of the game.
Cyndy's game mixes a great combination of
affability, perceptiveness, experience and spirituality, as well as good ol'
"guts and daring". All of these qualities make her one of the most popular,
and " in-demand" players on the tours today. She knows her cards, and has worked both sides of the table. She was a black jack dealer in Las Vegas in
the 80's, and feels all this helps her awareness and ability to read the other players at the table. Cyndy says that being a woman poker player is not an advantage or a disadvantage. She concentrates on just being the best she
can be.

She lives a healthy life and works to keep her body and mind at their optimum performance levels. Certainly one of the more spiritual players on the circuit, Cyndy spends much of her non-playing time working to improve her life and lifestyle. Cyndy is an avid reader -- from Kabbalah and Feng Shui, to Self -
Realization and Awareness studies. Cyndy loves exploring the spiritual and metaphysical side of life. Positive thinking and visualation are very important
to her game. She enjoys fashion, and looks forward to getting more involved with her line of poker and lifestyle influenced clothing and accessories. She
is currently single and has a beautiful daughter, and they now split time
between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.