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I was born in Queens, NY. My family relocated to Las Vegas when I was 12 years old. As a child, I loved to play cards on the kitchen table with my Uncle Ross. The first time I tested out my skills in a casino was when I was already an adult and was pregnant with my daughter, Shannon.

After short stints dealing blackjack and poker in Las Vegas, I went to a Lake Tahoe Poker tournament in 1984. I built a small bankroll at the tournament which was all the proof I needed to make the decision to make Poker my profession of choice. Before long I had won a Golden Nugget tournament (7 stud, $74,000, the most money ever won by a woman up until that time), and was featured in a "Playboy magazine" article. It was during this time, when I was the subject of many articles and TV shows, I met and was swept off my feet by my second husband. Being a wife caused me to take a hiatus from poker for two years.

On a trip to Caesars Palace in 1990 I just could not resist entering a Poker tournament there. I won it and took home a $62,000 prize. I was hooked again. One paper's headline stated that I was back -- and with a "Poker Vengeance!" I realized that I had a deep, and never ending love for the game. Soon, while still maintaining my residence in Washington State, I found myself spending much of my time at the tables in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Play Online Poker
Play Online Poker

After getting divorced in 1993, I heard they were legalizing poker in Atlantic City. Having East Coast roots, I decided to head back and check it out there. I spent the summer living at the Taj Majal Hotel and Casino, and in the spring of 1994 I decided to set up shop there. I bought a nice house in the Atlantic City area and kept it as my personal haven - a place that could be a permanent home for myself all my many books, and transformational tapes. A sanctuary where I could relax and enjoy my life and pursue my passion for healthy vegetarian cooking. Visit My Online Store

In 2004 I achieved one of my dreams. I won the 7 card stud high-low tournament of the World Series of Poker. I am proud of my World Series bracelet and the title as Poker champion.

In the 2005 World Series of Poker Tournament I made three final tables, and six cashes total. I was featured on "The Superstars of Poker" on Fox Sports Net, "Poker Royale Pro/Celebrity Tournament" on the Game Show Network, and the World Series of Poker Tournament on ESPN. I am currently creating a "Positive Poker Affirmations" CD.

Today, with the poker industry going full speed ahead, I spend most of my time living in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where I regularly play in cash games. I try to attend most of the major tournaments and always find time to work on my line of Poker inspired clothing and motivational items.

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