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Follow CYNDY's PLAY at the World Series of Poker:
Rio Hotel & Casino -- June 25 - August 10 2006  -- in Beautiful Las Vegas !

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Tuesday June 27, 2006 I arrive in Las Vegas -- first day

6:00 am...

Well I am heading out soon for the airport on my way to bee-yoo-tee-ful Las Vegas and the World Series of Poker Tournament, and I am feeling the excitement!

It has been a busy weekend for me. I spent most of it talking to designers and clothing manufacturers about my upcoming line of Poker oriented clothing and accessories. But now it is time to get to work. I am happy to have such a great organization as DOYLE's ROOM sponsoring me, and I am looking forward to making us all some money!

Las Vegas -- 11:30 am... I went straight to the tournament !!! WOW, this year went by so fast, I cant believe it. World Series time again already !

The first event is the "1500 buy in no-limit holdem"  There was about 2700 players last year when I finished about 30th. I felt good about this event and I got off to a great start. I made a full house and doubled up within the first hour and continued to pick up a lot of small pots.  I was feeling pretty good. I really liked my table!  Then Wendeen Eolis and Jennifer Leigh(Jennicide) were moved over to our table. The energy changed and became very social - and I became card dead.

I decided to get a shoulder massage from a W.S.O.P. massage therapist for 30 minutes. to try and shift my energy!  I even treated Wendeen to a massage. She must have gotten the shift of energy because the next hand she raised coming in, in first position. There were 2 other callers by the time it got to me. I picked up" AQ" right next to the button, I really felt like I had her beat, and decided to see the flop and just call. The flop came A -10- 6. She said "All in" - everyone else folded. I called and she had me covered, so I was all in! She turned over "A 10" I picked a straight draw and a diamond draw on the turn, but I didn't get there.

Oh well!... It was right before what would have anyhow been the dinner break.... so, I went home and had a great meal. I have my Macrobiotic chef Vicki staying with me thru the series and it is comforting to know I have good healthy food to come home to. I turned in early, I really needed to get a good rest to prepare for tomorrow's event!


Wednesday June 28, 2006  

Today is the pot-limit hold-em event 1,500 buy-in. I woke up at 7:30 a.m., but somehow I was still running late.(surprise!) I arrived at 12:30, I was feeling really good. I was wearing my "Doyle's Room" pink tank top with Doyle's pic on it !

My table was right by the rail, a lot on lookers watching the action. The table seemed to have a lot of young internet guys and a few familiar faces. It was a very serious quiet group! I immediately picked up a few small pots. I had pocket "JJ's" and "QQ's" ! ...and some other miscellaneous hands. The table was kind of tight. Then I was in 2nd position and the guy in front of me called and I looked down and saw Pocket "KK's" I decided to just call, (to get some action) and the player to my left called, and then just what I was hoping for the next guy raised the pot! when it came back to me I re-raised as much as possible (the pot size) and he took a while to decide (at least I knew that I wasn't up against AA's).... So again I got my wish and he called. We were all in. he turned over Pocket "QQ's" ! I got by the flop,,, but on the turn came a Queen.! :-( ... grrrr!... So, I had an early out.

I decided to cruise around the poker room and see some poker friends. I saw Robert Williamson 111, We just did an appearance together at Harrah's in Arizona a few days ago. We had a great time. He is a good friend and so much fun to hang out with. Then I saw T.J. Cloutier, we had a photo taken together. Then I decided to go check out the hospitality suite that "Doyle's Room" has. (it is very nice!) On the way I stopped and talked with Annie Duke for awhile. She also had a early out today. It was nice seeing her, she really looks great! Then I went and had a photo taken with Doyle while he was playing! It should be a cute photo, I jumped on his lap! My boyfriend Mike Wattel got knocked out too. he went to go play in the side games.

I am still getting settled in Las Vegas. My friend Tara is also here from N.J. to support me in any way that she can . So I went back home and we went out shopping for things for the house so I can get a bit more organized! I decided to pass on the "limit hold-em"event and take off tomorrow. I really feel like I would like to have a day to catch up on some business and go to the spa!

Talk to you on Friday!!!

Thursday June 29, 2006  

Today was a day of organizing. No Poker, just lots of other things that needed to be done.

Friday June 30, 2006  

7:00 pm -- No-limit Hold'em Short Handed, 6/table (3 day event) $2,500 buy in -- over 800 players in at the start today, now down to 162 and I'm still here. Its been a good day til now, and I'm pumped. It's dinner time now. Time to get re-energized and ready for the evening's fun and games  :-)

I'll give you the full story later tonight -- or better yet in the morning.


...OK so it's now Saturday morning. It's good for me when I don't have the time to get online the same day I'm playing... That means things are going pretty well. I ended up #54 last night and cashed out with $6,633.00. Not a bad day for myself and the crew at DOYLE's ROOM. It could have been much better though. I lost a tough one early in the evening, I had another A Q that got thumped by another A 10 on the flop. (I promise I'll beat the next A 10 on the table I'm up against) I lost a bunch on that, but at least I wasn't all in, and I managed to stick it out and take home my first winnings of the tournament.


Saturday July 1, 2006  

12:00 noon.. (why am I always running late?!)
Here we go again...I'm feeling good and just heading out for todays $2,000 buy in No Limit Hold'em -- I will give you an update as soon as I have a chance.

6:00 pm...They say I'm setting some kind of record here. I've switched tables something like six times already and it isn't even dinner time yet! Need to hit a hot table! I feel it coming!!! says I'm stealing blinds, maybe, but I prefer to think that I have "faith and confidence" that my cards are winners and that I will play them well!. :)

Dinner will taste good tonight
Just before dinner I got a hot one... - pocket aces.. A diamond A spade, a flop of 10 diamond 9 diamond 8 spade and I went all-in for $7,600.  My opponent makes the call and shows 8 diamond 2 diamond for a pair.  The turn and river brought a 3 club and a nice, big A club! :) giving me $15,200 in chips and a big jump to a "lucky number 13" in the rankings. I'm hoping for an even better night!

9:00 pm.. So far so good going into the night... I'm up to $23,000. I dropped a couple of notches in the ranking, but we have lots of time left. I'm feeling real good. I have my Lucky "Poker Rocks" and I'm working them hard tonight!

hmmm... win some lose some. I took a $5000 hit, but can't dwell on that. I ended up the night winning that $5000 back plus another thou on top, as well as a bunch of other smaller pots here and there. When the night ended, out of over 1700 players I was at 38th Place with $39,000. Not a bad days work. Tired, but happy with my play, I'm outta here...home to bed.

Sunday July 2, 2006  

It's 1:05pm....<chanting>I will be on time,... I will be on time,... I will be on time,... I will be on time.......</end chanting> Well OK, maybe not. I didn't get much sleep last night. I'm heading for the shower now. Supposed to be at the RIO by 2:00 so I'm in a rush. There are 124 players left with blinds at $800-$1,600 with a $200 ante to start. Things are getting serious today. 

My Lucky "Poker Rocks" did me well yesterday, (non-believers please take note!)and I want to thank all my fans who are sending positive energy my way. Please don't stop! I need all I can get the next six weeks. ;) Stay tuned for today's events -- and remember "Poker Rocks!"

3:30pm -- Thanks for the Energy! I just hit a nice one! $21000! pushed me to number 17... Keep the energy strong! 'Lots more poker to play!.

5:00pm -- I'm sitting at $60,000 now for the last hour or so. Looking for some hot cards to put me up with leaders. This is when things get exciting. Time to "rattle my rocks"!.

5:10pm -- Booo! I just got eliminated. :( I raised from the small blind to $8,500 and was called by Pierce Shaad in the big blind. The flop was 10 heart10 diamond3 diamond.  I went all-in -- $31,200 total, Shaad calls.  He has A diamondJ diamond,I had pocket 9's.  The turn brings the 8 diamond, giving him the flush -- and eliminating me. grrrr!

Finishing 58th, I still take home $6,985 for myself and DOYLE's ROOM, but it is not what I hoped for.

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Rio Hotel & Casino
June 25 - August 10 2006  
in Beautiful Las Vegas !

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